25 Books On The Subject Of Cloud Computing

25 Books On The Subject Of Cloud Computing. In ti-Grad today we decided from the usual format of the digest and have prepared for you a selection of literary materials on the subject of cloud computing, virtualization and IaaS.

Guide: How to calculate the benefits of migration to the cloud
This article treats of the working models for the calculation of economic efficiency of moving to the cloud. With examples.

IAAS for business brick by brick
The book is aimed at those that first before the clouds and the concept of IaaS (infrastructure as a service) and is designed for the business audience that wants to know the latest trends of the TI sector. After reading this book, you will find answers to the following questions: services makes sense outsource? What services are the best left inside? How to choose a provider of cloud services and ensure its reliability?

The ideal architecture. The beauty of the architectures of software experts
Which components are robust, elegant, flexible, easy-to-maintain software architecture? The book answers this question with a series of essays written by leading software architects and designers of our time. Each trial authors present any outstanding software architecture, analyzed their differences with other architectures and explain why it is ideal for its purpose.

Cloud computing
The author of the book evaluates the feasibility of porting existing cloud applications on Wednesday both from a technical and economic point of view, taking into account the benefits of a cloud infrastructure to scale applications, etc.

OpenStack. Practical familiarity with the operating system in the cloud
The book describes the cloud main services system operational-OpenStack. In addition to the theoretical knowledge, the book contains many practical exercises, the reader will be able to deploy its own stand to test the functionality of the cloud.

Transition of the enterprise to the cloud: a business approach
The book examines the cost of moving to the cloud, as well as associated risks and complexity.

Architecting in the cloud: design decisions for models of computing services in the cloud
The book will help you make one of the most complex technological solutions: a professional guide to select models of service in the cloud for your company based on the technology and business requirements.

Cloud Computing explained: Implementation Handbook for companies
The book describes the main pros and cons of the use of cloud computing. The author guide you through all the stages of the cloud of adaptation technology: the cost of implementation evaluation.

Enterprise Cloud Computing: A Guide to business strategy and technology leaders
In this book, executives are “powerful” models of business processes, as well as strategic advice and guidance on the use of cloud technology.

Security and privacy in the cloud: an enterprise perspective on risks and compliance
This book will show what risk, trusting their data to the cloud, and what you can do to secure your virtual infrastructure and Web applications. It contains tips from the gurus in the field of tecnologia-seguridad.

Cloud Computing: Concepts, technology, and architecture
A book for beginners, which broadly covers the topic of cloud: SaaS and PaaS, IaaS. It also provides templates and formulas to calculate values of SLA and QoS.

Support service
The book contains best practices and maintenance of which the delivery of the same services.

Infrastructure as a service 36 secret success
Here you will find answers to the main questions 36 infrastructure as a service. It proposes specific solutions with tips that are never published.

Cloud Computing: From start to finish
The book reveals not only the details of public and private clouds, but the details of the mechanism of migrating existing applications to the cloud.

Cloud computing for Dummies
The team of experts has created an easy to learn material in cloud computing.

Virtualization Essentials
Virtualization is one of the hottest trends in recent years. This book introduces the basic concepts of use of virtualization approach to learning by doing.

Fundamentals of data center virtualization: understanding techniques and designs for highly efficient data centers
In this book you’ll learn how virtualization is able to transform a traditional data center network infrastructure. This is where the characteristics of each virtualization technology.

SDN and simplified NFV
Visual aid for the virtualization, networking and software-defined networking: basic concepts, key technologies, business drivers.

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