Better Information About the Cloud Computing

Better Information About the Cloud Computing. In its work very often meet to make summaries of her superior technologies, colleagues and others. This information is usually done in the article and answer the following questions:
“why” is “better than” (wrote especially depersonalized, as this question very often and on various topics related to it and not only);
-What are the advantages and disadvantages when changing to “something” or “this”;
-the best way to do it. etc.

The problem is to write a short article about “this” or “fact” is inevitable, although explain much faster than writing, but we need the text and nothing can be done and I am sorry for the time that is priceless and escapes with every second. I think I’m not encounter a problem, so I suggest to start a section called “Chief of the assistance, which publish articles of this type (so much so that it will be written by you) and thus save time and help each other.” At any given time, you may ask a question, someone may already have posted a response to this question and it will be easier to write an article or launch only a link to the already written, saving valuable time.

So let’s start. The question that came to me was the following. Why cloud computing is better than the classical scheme of the construction of network infrastructure, what is the main reason why many organizations “are moving to the cloud?”. “? My thoughts about this.

For what cloud computing?

To understand the “clouds”, I decided to start with the history of this issue and understand if it is something in the category of new ideas or an idea for a long time it could not do before.

Development history and key factors

The first idea of what we now call cloud computing was expressed by J.C.R. Licklider, 1970 year. During these years he was responsible for the creation of ARPANET (Advanced Research projects Agency Network). His idea was that every person on Earth will connect to the network, from which you get not only the data and programs. Another scientist John McCarthy suggests that computing power will be available to users as a service (the “service”). In the development of technologies cloud has been suspended until 90-ies, since its development has been facilitated by a number of factors.

1. higher bandwidth of Internet, in the 90-ies is not allowed for a significant leap in the development of technology in the cloud because almost no company of the era’s technology were not prepared. However, the mere fact that speed up the Internet gave impetus to the development early computing cloud.
2. one of the most significant events in this area was the appearance of in year 1999. This company became the first company of application access through the site, in fact this company became the first company granted its principle of software – software as a service (SaaS).
3. the next step was the development of a Web service based on the Amazon Cloud in 2002. This service allows you to store information and perform calculations.
4. in 2006, Amazon launched a service called the Elastic Compute cloud (EC2) Web service that he allows its users to run their own applications. Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3 services became the first available cloud computing services.
5. another milestone in the development of the cloud took place after the creation of Google, the Google Apps platform for Web applications in the business sector.
6. a significant role in the development of cloud technologies have played a virtualization technology, in particular software allows you to create a virtual infrastructure.
7. the development of hardware, not so much for the rapid growth of technologies of cloud, such as the availability of this technology for small companies and individuals. With regard to technical progress, an important role in this was played by the creation of dual core processors and disk capacity.

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Wikipedia gives the following definition of cloud computing. (Cloud computing) cloud computing is a distributed data processing technology, in which computing resources and capacity available to the user as a Web service. Provide the user with services as Internet service is the key. However, under Internet service not worth basic aspects of access to the service only through Internet, can be performed also through the local area network normal using Web technologies.

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