Confidential Information About Cloud Computing

Confidential Information About Cloud Computing. Security issues now occupy almost all over the world. TV Announces data security products and news about leaks are not uncommon. But aside from the points of view of the public, each organization has the obligation to safeguard the personal information of employees and customers.

The law prohibits the use of certain data for purposes other than those for which the data were originally collected. For example, it is possible that do not collect data on health personnel and then make smokers pay more expensive insurance. You can also send data to outside organizations. In the world of computing in the cloud even more difficult, because there are “other organization” is dedicated to support and manage your infrastructure. The nature of the relationship of these service provider provides access to your data.

If the data collected and stored in the cloud, which are subject to specific regulations, such as the law of responsibility and the transfer of data on citizens of the law (HIPAA) or Graham – Leach – Bliley Act (GLBA), health insurance, make sure that the cloud services provider protects your data. The information within their organization, who met in the cloud data can be used only for the purposes for which it was originally collected. If the user has specified precisely and only one of the objectives of the use of the data you need to ensure compliance with this requirement.

Protection of personal data frequently says that users can access your data, delete, or edit. If the data is in the cloud service provider on Wednesday, security requirements shall remain in force, and you have to make sure that the data are available in the same period of time as if they were stored locally. If the access data to the primary provider of cloud services, must ensure that these tasks are performed by personnel properly.

If a mouse that accept the terms of the suppliers of contract type of cloud services, which will have to comply with the terms. Although the contract changed personally for you, cloud service provider will attempt to limit the data control to ensure the harmonization of all agreements. This helps to avoid unnecessary costs of cloud provider needs qualified personnel. If you need a control full data, you need to know in advance and will not accept terms offered by the cloud provider.

There are many providers of cloud which specialize in certain markets and develop their services to these markets. It is likely that in the coming years are suppliers in specific markets. For example, cloud providers that offer their services in the field of health, shall be governed by the relevant legislation, such as HIPAA. For the treatment and necessary control probably will take the corresponding fee.

The location of the data of any acting company individuals, wholly or partially in line, or private, leading social networks, blogs, data stored on one or more servers that may be located anywhere. If personal information on Facebook is placed or maintain business relationships on LinkedIn – all these data must be stored somewhere. Companies move towards a greater use of the services of providers of services in the cloud, in view of the security of the data, the legal and regulatory requests, the location of the data will be increasingly important.

Global companies need to ensure that any service that is deployed in the cloud, which is used in accordance with the law and regulations applicable to the personnel of foreign affiliates and third-party organizations. The laws of the United States can vary significantly in different States, so if a service enjoyed by employees, but in another region of the country, which should ensure compliance with the laws in force in the territory where the employees are located.

Subsidiaries in different regions may be subject to other slightly different laws, although the General requirements can be the same. Foreign affiliates may not experience problems when the exchange of information with a region and another in this area can be difficult. If this already difficult situation adds cloud service provider, you will get an additional level of complexity.
To comply with all these laws and regulations you need to know the location of basic data and backups. It is often necessary to determine where to store the backups. For example, Inc. has data centers in the United States and Spain, and when used to store backup copies of some data types can have legal problems.

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