How To Choose A Service Provider Clouds?

How To Choose A Service Provider Clouds? The cloud services market is growing rapidly, and Russia is no exception. The public cloud users readily available the required resources and up to a virtual data center without serious expenses, paying only for what you really enjoyed. The cloud-based model allows to save not only in capital investment, but also in the support, due to the outsourcing of all business tasks complementary. Cloud solutions do not require traditional costs, hardware and software Department.

Crisis as growth factor
Cost savings opportunity or, better, the translation of CAPEX to OPEX, especially up-to-date in times of crisis. Many companies are actively optimize budgets and model infrastructure and cloud in this sense has good potential. And small and medium-sized enterprises cloud services provide features that were previously available only to large companies with solid budget for it.
It is not it is no wonder that more and more organizations migrate their applications in the cloud. According to Oracle, cloud-based technologies help Russian companies to innovate faster (96%), keep the existing (80%) and attract new clients (92%). more than half (55%) Please note that made cloud maturity “in the next two years.
SAP and the national agency of financial research (NAFI) presented the results of studies of cloud technology in the banking sector, according to which banks Russian and technologically and economically ready for cloud-based boom. And while traditionally, technologies associated with these public services such as mail, or data warehouse infrastructure platform for almost a third (32%) cloud clouds experts is a line of business applications.

As a result, more companies are beginning to offer cloud services. Today, there is a sufficiently large number of proposals from service providers cloud and owners of commercial data centers. Experts believe that the Russian market of IaaS, SaaS and PaaS will be in the next 3-4 years grow. Clouds of market in recent years demonstrate the growth of the order of 30% per year. IaaS segment is growing each year almost 50% and within three years will increase by 50-60%.

The main engines of growth, the economic downturn and the need for savings, cost optimization of software licensing and its infrastructure, the high cost of buying a new computer due to changes in contrast rates. It budgets are shrinking, so the transition to the cloud will become one of the key factors in the economy.

In the current economic situation in Russia, most of the companies change long-term planning in the short and medium term. They seek to reduce costs and more qualitative and effective use of existing resources. In this sense, cloud computing, virtualization and Virtual Datacenter (VDC) allows a more efficient use of existing infrastructure. They allow you more accurately assess the return on investment and substantially reduces the cost of maintenance of the IT infrastructure.

The public cloud benefits include:

Cost optimization and effective cost control.
Receive access to it resources in the short term.
Release of own resources.
Improve business efficiency and concentration in the service to the customer.
Speeding up the reorganization of the company.
Reduction of the time of implementation of projects.
Access to expertise in management infrastructure in the absence of its own staff.
Quick access to new markets.

Of course, this is not a complete list. The main thing is that the cloud does not always give cost savings (prefer talk of its restructuring), especially at long time intervals, allowing you to be more flexible and more for the same money qualitative service.

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