Learn A Lot More About Cloud Computing

Learn A Lot More About Cloud Computing. The term Cloud Computing, as well as other “cloud” terminology appeared because the old Online flowcharts is in the form of clouds. It is true that clouds function was then only transfer data over long distances. With the growth of Internet speeds, you can post this “cloud” recursos-es say, remote servers (and, in particular, to rent capacity to providers of third-party computer). There and the concept of Cloud Computing using the Internet as a source of computer resources.
Thanks to virtualization technologies appeared the possibility of combining multiple servers in clusters Internet Flatrate with virtually unlimited performance. In addition to high reliability, these groups allow you to optimize the load on each server and therefore considerably reduce the cost of computing resources.

Low cost, high reliability, and these tasks of infrastructure support outsourcing are the factors that have become the cornerstone of the rapid success of cloud technologies.

These are the basic scope of the cloud computing:

-IaaS (infrastructure as a service) – cloud platform, where you can rent a Windows/Linux Server “to the naked” with scalable capacity. Examples: Amazon Web Services, Rackspace Cloud.
-PaaS (platform as a service) – platform cloud with the intermediate and auxiliary necessary software (DBMS, framework, services). Examples: Windows Azure, Apex.
-SaaS (Software as a service) applications delivered as online services. Examples: Google Apps, Salesforce CRM.

Private clouds (private cloud)

Some companies want to leverage the benefits of Cloud Computing, but have fears of putting your IT infrastructure on foreign servers. It resources suppliers have invented for these companies, “Private clouds”.

The company buys a resources of the computer (server) and using virtualization technology combined into “the cloud”. The economic effect is achieved by optimizing the load on each server. However, this effect is not comparable with the option of renting computing resources from a third party vendor.

But to build your own private cloud, the company can easily migrate their IT infrastructure to third-party cloud platform.

Below you will find some interesting news that will help you better understand what is cloud computing.
Softline company introduced the film, reminding us once again of the benefits promised to the cloud for businesses. First and foremost is security. While give your data to a cloud storage provider, but get more control over the main channel employees unscrupulous deviation. Second is to save time and money. You pay only for the resources that are running and not waste time in support of the systems. And thirdly, (perhaps most importantly), you have the freedom of choice – the ability to work anywhere and at any time, as well as recruitment of qualified staff who want to work from home or live in another city.

System integrator of CROC decided to exploit the market of cloud (or brain) of their images-infografikami. Photos are dedicated to topics (and not cloudy) cloud services that CRIC offers its customers (large companies): private cloud, IaaS platform, lease applications (SaaS), outsourcing, business management, centers for phone service, mobile office and unified communications systems, etc. look, you can find something interesting for themselves. Itself recall that CRIC occupied 11 place in rating providers cloud Cnews in Russia for 2012 g (in the latest version of this ranking, the CRIC has already beaten).
Despite the name, the cloud OS is not a new platform or service, but simply a marketing label that Microsoft invented to oppose himself to Amazonu and earn denezhek updates. Tags cloud indicates OS a set of systems cloud and Microsoft Server (Windows Azure, Windows Server, System Center… etc.-you can add optional), with which you can build a hybrid corporate cloud. This differs from cloud clouds Amazon not completely hosted by a third party vendor and can be distributed among third-party providers and the family Office. And that means that the data and the applications that you are afraid to give the supplier – may be in the office. When does not break the unity of its clouds and the administrator can administer them a single control panel.

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